We must understand the names of the parts of building and understand the purpose behind every room and parts. To understand with clarity so that no doubt is left I will describe about every part of building with pictures and the purpose behind that part. So that next time if you going to have your own plan or just you going to make a plan you may arrange whatsoever room you want and where you want plus it will help you in understanding civil works.

Let’s start


                            Drawing or living room

drawing room or living room is a room in a house where visitors may be entertained. The name is derived from the sixteenth-century terms withdrawing room and withdrawing chamber, which remained in use through the seventeenth century, and made their first written appearance in 1642.
It should be situated on the front entrance of the building and should not provide direct access to the bedroom and toilet block . It should be spacious to accommodate furnitures for sitting, well lighted, ventilated and adjacent to dining room.

      Arrangements of room for residential building


 The bedroom should be so located as to maintain privacy and at least one of its walls should be an external outer wall of the building to get natural ventilation and light. 

The orientation of this room should be north-west for entry of cool breeze inside the room. Attached bath and W.C.(Water Closet i.e. toilet) is preferable for modern planning. There should be no connection with the kitchen. 


Guest room may be located on the side of front verandah or by the side of drawing  room without any connection with bedrooms or kitchen. Separate toilet should be provided with the guest room to maintain privacy of the house holders. Guest room may be treated as office room also. 


Kitchen should be located near dining room. Kitchen should be ventilated according to the standard of bedrooms near the ceiling as far as possible There should be no connection with toilet block Provision of cooking shelves, cup-boards, storage shelves and washing utensils should be made in the Kitchen. 



Dining room should be adjacent or attached to kitchen. For attached dining room the activities of kitchen should be screened by a screen wall or partition. Locations of Drawing, Dining and Kitchen should be side by side. A wash basin should be provided attached or inside the dining room. Service window may be provided between kitchen and dining.

6. Panty 

This is a small room or attached space by the side of a kitchen and is used for storing crockery. For high and middle – high income group housing pantry may be provided.


For storing food grains and other articles it is choiceable to place those in any other room or in a store room. Ventilation and natural lighting is less important for this room. The left out space after fulfilling the requirements for all other rooms may be used as a store room. 


Bath and Water-Closet may be in a same room known as Toilet. In modern planning some bedroom are attached with bath and W. C. But one bath and WC should be provided separately for common use. This must be so situated that at least one of its walls shall Open to external wall. 

water closet, is not to be confused with a bathroom, which also contains a tub, shower or other amenities. Water closets contain only the flush toilet and possibly a sink or basin


This should be adjecent to toilet and connected to bedrooms.


It is covered common passage in the building for independent entrance to various rooms.


For economic use of space the provision of verandah is becoming minimum in modem planning. But a certain amount of free space area for corridor and verandah (covered) is required to provide independent access to different rooms, seating space and for drying clothes etc. A minimum width of 1.2 metres and having a length as to that of front room may be provided. 


A small room or space at least 1.2m x 2.5m should be provided for prayer by me side of bedroom. This room should be well lighted and ventilated.


Provision of stair even for a single storied building is necessary for the purpose of inspection, clearing of the roof and also to use the roof as outdoor sleeping area. For storied building the location of a stair case should be such that each Floor or list is separated from the general movement of stair. Generally Western or Northern side of the building may be selected to locate the staircase. For family use it should be located centrally and most of the rooms should have easy approach for the stair provided the privacy of any room does not suffer. For public buildings the stairs may be provided near the entrance. Every staircase should be well lighted and ventilated for easy and safe movement.


(Minimum height 2.4m) :Even for low income, the Provision Of a garage should be made flexibility of planning. In case there be no car for a family, the space may be used as a study or store room. For high income group the following provisions for luxurious amenities are made. (a) Dressing room (by the side of bed room); (b) Servant room; (C) Children room (children room sometimes assigned a self-contained area with their bed moms-cum-play-rooms}placed by the side of parents bed room. Parents and children can thus remain attached but seperated as they choose :(d) Library room; and (6) Swimming pool.

15. MEZZANINE FLOOR ( Particular according to the National Building Code)

Minimum height = 2.2m, minimum size 9.5 sq m. The mezzanine floor may be permitted over a room or a compartment provided : (1) It conforms to the standards of living rooms as regards lighting and ventilation; 

(2) The mezzanine floor or any part of it shall not be used as a kitchen, and not to be converted into unventilated compartments.

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